Wedding Dresses

You’ve found your true love and the time has come to tie the knot and begin your life together. What comes next – the perfect wedding dress! Just imagine it, as you glide elegantly down the aisle and you watch your future husband’s face light up and you know you are wearing the perfect gown.

One of the most exciting parts of your wedding planning is deciding what you will wear on the big wedding day. Our brides believe that more time and thought is put into choosing their wedding dresses than any other aspect of the day. Wedding and Suit aims to help brides-to-be with making sure they get that perfect wedding dress.

So where does a bride-to-be begin when finding her perfect wedding dress? To be the belle of your own ball, start with Wedding and Suit’s divine designers based at their bridal boutique to find the wedding gown that will match your figure, your personality and your budget. From stunning silhouettes to a factory of fabrics, these bridal couture collections will leave you spoiled for choice and dying for a dress up.

Wedding and Suit provides and stunning array of different wedding dresses, not to mention custom design options for the bride with her own gown ideas. Each of our dresses is finely crafted, delicately embroidered and seamlessly put together to ensure that it’s the happiest day of your life.

Please click here to book a free consultation with one of our experienced sales staff to assist you in choosing your wedding dress style and sizing.

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